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We are SICC and we handcraft mobile apps, websites and custom IT solutions with Polish flavour, style and reliability.
We also love to share our knowledge and experience.
Feel free to contact us anytime with any issue. We are here for you.

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Meet the team

We are very ambitious. Mainly for our clients, but also for ourselves. We love meeting like-minded and open-minded people.
We are not afraid of new and unknown challanges, technologies and other. We always do our best.

Marcin Zajkowski

Marcin Zajkowski

Co-owner, Software Engineer

Soft and hard skilled, self-driven and highly motivated professional with over 6 years of experience within the software, Web, mobile & RWD development, UI / UX prototyping, IT consulting and public speaking.

Enthusiast and huge fan of snowboard, basketball and snooker. Beer & whisky lover and beggining home-brewer.

Paweł Breś

Pawel Bres

Co-owner, Software Engineer

Full-stack developer with 10 years of professional experience. Currently he is aimed mostly towards rich front-end solutions and User Experience. His strong .NET background let him to extend his skills by other programming languages, such as PHP and Objective-C. During his career he designed and managed development of customised financial applications and e-commerce solutions.

Privately Pawel is a sport fan, dedicated to football and snowboard.

Maciej Korsan

Maciej Korsan

Front-End Developer

Front-end developer with 10+ years of experience. After few years of being one-man-website-creator-army he decided to become an expert in front-end development. Worked for biggest world brands from different sectors.

Lecturer on Bialystok University of Technology, photographer, ukulele player. Owner of Lego Millenium Falcon.

Artur Fiedorowicz

Artur Fiedorowicz

Software Engineer, Business Unit Manager

.NET Developer with huge experience in Big Data technologies. SICC's man & head in London looking for new business opportunities and taking care of current contacts with UK companies.

Outside of work Artur is a huge fan of Trance music and of course - snowboard.

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Tell us something about yourself. You want to work with us and create something awesome together? Nothing more simple than just let us now that you exist :)

What we do

We believe that ideas should be bigger than wallets. They can come from anywhere and every voice is important.
When our clients reach their ambitions and dreams, we reach ours.

We’ve built our business to last, based on long-term relationships with our clients, with our partners and with our people.
Money isn’t a dirty word. We believe that responsibly earned profit is a force for good.

Umbraco development

We are the most experienced company in Umbraco development in Poland. We are with Umbraco from almost the begginings of this CMS with bigger and smaller projects for various clients. We use it, we love it, we want to spread this love with others.

Mobile websites and applications

We were building responsive websites before it was cool :) We are specialized in HTML5, multiple Javascript frameworks, cross-platform development (Sencha Touch, Phonegap) and other stuff required to bring companies to this amazing, mobile world. We build for Windows Phone, iOS and Android.

Web design & build

We are always with our clients from the beggining. We analyze, choose the best option (or create our own :)) and deliver it. We also keep one's finger on the pulse of each solution after it's delivered.

Developers training

As we are always saying: we love to share our knowledge and we are good at it!
We can train other developers (e.g. in your company?) in technologies and tools such as: HTML5, JavaScript, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, Umbraco CMS, Windows Phone, Responsive Web Design and other. Contact with us to get more information.

IT consulting, strategy, planning and research

We are here to help. We can help with your problems and remove from you a dark vision of cooperating with other IT companies.
Our knowledge is the key to multiple problems, not only our own. If we can learn from other mistakes, why you can't learn from ours?

Public speaking

We can share our story, problems or specialized, geeky knowledge with bigger crowd. We have experience with trainings and presentations in front of hundreds of people. We love to talk what is maybe weird according to nerd vision. If you are organising any event in which we can fit with ourselves - contact with us and share your thoughts.

We can always connect our skills with other talented people.
We can be part of your team, "white labeling" company or just an outsourcing team for your solutions or ideas. We are open to talk, always.

Let's create something awesome together!

We treat our clients as a friends. Real friendship is build on trust and challanging each other to be the best that we can be.
Friends not tell you just what you want to hear, they always tell you what you need to know. That's how we work and we are really proud of it.

Some of our amazing clients & partners

Pssst, those are taken from these about whom we can speak out loud :)

Radio Racja
Fundacja Nufino - Jedz świadomie
Original Source Up To Date
Białostocki Park Naukowo - Technologiczny
Magic-Gym Fitness & Wellness
Studio Kreatywne Dobry Układ

Latest blog posts

We love to teach and share our knowledge, as well as learn new things and points of perspective. And this is the main purpose of wearesicc.com. Feel free to comment and share your thoughts with us.

We <3 Umbraco

Umbraco is a 100% free, full featured, open source content management system (CMS) that can handle anything from a simple brochure website to a complex, media-heavy application for a Fortune 500 company.

We are using Umbraco almost from the begginings of their story. We use it for both - mobile applications backends and websites / webapps. We don't force anyone to use Umbraco, but where it's the best solution which fits client expectations, we are happy to create and code on Umbraco shelf.

Complete solution

If you are looking for company which takes care about whole process of research, design & development, deployment and maintaince, SICC is a perfect choice for you.

In this case size doesn't matter. If you are a one-man company or the biggest company in your sector, we will treat you the same way and do our best to find the perfect way to reach your goal.

Want to know how we can help you? Contact us today!


If you don't need a complete solution in your project and just need help in part of the process, SICC is also here for you. We worked with great designers and developers from different side of World.

We can jump inside other teams and build something amazing together. We are not locked inside our country borders. We are eager to travel and meet new like-minded people.

Want to know how we can became partners? Contact us today!

In summary, we can help you with:

  • Building full-service solutions using amazing Umbraco CMS as a base
  • Creating custom packages & solutions which fits your needs
  • Supporting existing team or company structure during Umbraco development process
  • Providing audits & consultations
  • Support & Maintenance
  • Training your developers
  • ... and many other problems and needs.
Let's create something awesome together!

Hire us!

... or just drop us a line. We want your feedback, comments and support more than your money.
Write us a line or two with your thoughts, problems or just to let us know that you were here :)

SICC s.c. Marcin Zajkowski, Paweł Breś

UK Office:
50B Marlborough Road
N19 4NB, London
PL Office:
ul. Zwycięstwa 8 lok. 412
15-703 Białystok

e: office@sicc.pl

tel. +48 508 138 281 & +48 606 115 330